For the first MAAT event, the artistic direction develops on the theme of interface as surface, volume, matter and meeting space between multiple realities. An interface is a boundary that has become a threshold, an enveloping and electric environment that lives between exchanges, passages of state and polarities. It is a game of roles and a dialectic of approaches, interactions and integrations.

The aim of the scenography will be to manifest this dimension of mediation between the archaic magical world and us, between the alien and the local, through the metaphor of the delicate encounter between the party and the castle, which used to be an emblem of exclusion and has now become an emblem of inclusiveness. We will play with surfaces, volumes and fabrics, lights and colours, artistic installations that will act as the first springs in the game of interactions, as scenic machines on a human scale.The insistence on the points of contact between the scenography and the existing building will be the fil rouge that will accompany the different interventions of the aesthetic identity of the festival. We will enter into dialogue with Mesocco Castle and the incredible landscape that welcomes it, taking advantage of its privileged and towering position.

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