Vincent Paley

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If I were to establish a spectrum of what I want to explore, I would say that Iseek to create environments that push our bodies and our perception beyondwhat we usually experience. I create atmospheres in ephemeral places of exchange, which we too oftendress the same way. In order to stimulate the imagination. I also seek to recreate hallucinations and/or visual/sound/sensory disturbancesthrough these environments.

Another prism of my exploration is the communication with all forms of life andmatter. There is a constant exchange between all the vegetal, bacterial, animal,human, technological, magnetic, spatial, chemical worlds and so on. How can Ibring to light or discover some of these exchanges?

If I had to define what I do in art, even if the term does not matter to me, it is allthese explorations. To go and discover where usually the scientifific andeconomic world are not always looking for, often having other goals than simplystimulating our perception and our exchange with our environment andourselves.

There is so much to discover in these multitude of abilities and senses wepossess. I see our current societý as pushing us down a linear path and oiling awhole bunch of mechanisms already in place, but not pushing us to explore.