Important information

Opening times
We open the doors at 11:30 in the morning, 30 minutes before our first artists will start selecting music on the main stage.
How to get to the festival

By plane

The nearest airports are Milan Malpensa (Italy) and Zurich (ZH).

By car

  • From Chiasso, Mendrisio and Lugano follow highway A2/E35 until exit to San Bernardino, then follow A13/E43 and take exit 36-Mesocco.
  • From Bellinzona and Locarno follow highway A13/E43 to Arbedo-Castione and proceed until exit 36-Mesocco.
  • From Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern and Gotthard follow highway A2 until Bellinzona then follow San Bernardino highway A13, take exit 36-Mesocco.
  • From Chur, San Gallen, Davos and St. Moritz follow highway A13 Direction Bellinzona then take exit 36-Mesocco.

By public transport

  • By train to Bellinzona: Get the bus 214 from Bellinzona to Mesocco, exit at the stop called Mesocco Castle
  • By train to Thusis: Get the bus 171 or 514 to San bernardino, the get the bus 214 from San Bernardino to Mesocco Castle
Tickets are available for purchase on ticketcorner. Each ticket is nominal, so it is essential to show up at the entrance of the festival with a valid identity document. We will refund tickets only in case the event will not take place due to major causes, such as environmental damage or the COVID-19 pandemic.
Parking lot
We provide all participants, free of charge, with a large parking lot located in Soazza, two minutes by car from the castle of Mesocco. The official festival shuttle buses will transport people, at no extra costs, from the parking lot to the location and back.
Age limit
Admission is granted to adults only (+18). Minors may enter the event area only if accompanied by their parents. We will not allow entry to underage persons accompanied by other relatives.
Payment methods
At Maat Festival you can pay with the following payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Debit card
  • Credit Card
  • Twint
What you cannot bring inside
  • Animals (leave them at home, it is better for them)
  • Any kind of weapons or objecte that can be used to harm people
  • All kind of flammable substances
  • Drugs
  • Any kind of food and drinks
The organizer has the right to confiscate objects and/or substances not listed in this list if they could be potentially harmful to people, the venue and in general the smooth running of the event.
Lost and found
Lost items are brought to the office inside the festival located in the white hall. If we should not be in possession of the item you lost, you can contact us on our e-mail address describing the lost item as accurately as possible. We will answer you as soon as possible and, if we found the object, we will send it to you by mail.
Protect your hears
The Festival uses state-of-the-art sound systems from one of the best brands in the world, namely L-Acoustics. Although we strive to comply with all applicable regulations for the protection of the audience's hearing, depending on the location, sound emissions can reach 100 decibels. Prolonged exposure to this power can cause damage to your eardrums. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use earplugs, which are distributed free of charge at the festival.
Where to sleep
It is not possible to pitch a tent within the festival area. Tents can be set up in Soazza, where there are also parking facilities. There will be shuttle buses, for the duration of the event, that will take you from the castle to the camping area. Please note that the camping area is not supervised. We decline any responsibility for theft or damage.
Respect the location and environment
We are fortunate to be able to enjoy a festival in a location as rich in history and culture as the castle of Mesocco. It is not to be underestimated the fact that the municipality gives the possibility to live such an incredible and unusual experience. For this reason we kindly ask all participants to respect the place where they will be.
In addition to the location, the entire organization of Maat Festival cares particularly about the environment by adapting a green approach. We ask you to respect the nature, using the appropriate bins for recycling and not to throw on the ground any kind of trash, including cigarette butts.