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Shayu is a zurich based interdisciplinary artist as well as an experimental composer and musician in an international cultural context. Under the stage name Shayu she has co-initiated numerous short films, with projects for Dazed & Confused and various pieces for ballet and contemporary dance such as with the russian ballett dancer Marat Fadeev, among others. In addition, her musical productions have been used in art performances, fashion shows (Xander Zhou London Fashion Week AW 2019) and campaigns (Valentino, 2020), as well as released on cutting-edge labels such as Circadian Rhythms and Coyote Records ( UK). In 2019 she played several shows in Asia, such as Tokyo, Shenzhen (Boiler Room), Bangkok etc. and soundtracked another Fashion Show in Shanghai in the beginning of her Asia tour.

Shayus artistic practice explores boundaries of subjects and their mobility in the anonymous digital space, with active listening taking a central role. She is interested in the juxtaposition of her soundscapes with her abstract and digital paintings, trying to find ways to merge them on her own or in collaboration with other artists. In her or her dads studio the two work on abstract paintings together.