Growing up, the soulful sound of Mbalax, a popular style of Senegalese music rooted in the traditions of the Serer people from West Africa, filled Tidiane Sane's childhood home. It's a style he draws from in his productions as Mafou, combining global influences and UK-leaning sounds with multi-layered drum patterns.

Teaming up with life-long friends Kombé and Mukuna to form Somatic Rituals in 2017, Mafou released his debut EP Khezu in 2021. A percussive workout that's as hypnotic as it is ecstatic, Khezu deploys percussive elements with sharp precision. 2022's Noma and M1 call to mind heady psychedelic techno and IDM of Aleksi Perälä or Dopplereffekt.

Mafou's style of afro-futurism and innovative percussive rhythms are built for the club: behind the booth, his warm presence and forward-thinking selections add richness and depth to the dance floor. A resident DJ at the renowned Elysia club and with Frankfurt's EOS Radio, Mafou has also played at clubs and festivals abroad like Tresor, Macadam, RSO, and many more.