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What is art?

To answer this question we could all confront each other for hours on end, immersing ourselves in passionate discourse that still would not lead to a universal answer. What we do know, and what everyone can agree on, is that art involves many disciplines in which human beings have engaged over the years. Many recount art as the search for something, for answers that we cannot satisfy through our thinking minds. Others believe that it is purely enjoyment and that there does not have to be an underlying message.

This year, cinema also.

Certainly, however, as we have said, art involves numerous disciplines. Our mission is to promote this incredible and incomprehensible need to express oneself that so many human beings have. That is precisely why, this year, we decided to integrate, in a small area, full-length and short films by young artists. It is an honor for us to involve artists studying at school such as Head Geneva, AAM Mendrisio and others, by allowing them to show their vision. So, get ready to enjoy small masterpieces that have yet had little opportunity to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

Enjoy watching the movie

@ MAAT Festival 2023.